1-Year Anniversary Story

Its now been a year since I started writing the Sandy Bay cozy series and its been an absolute blast! The best part of this journey has been getting feedback from readers like you who have have enjoyed reading what I write and in some instances, gone the extra mile to post reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, blogs etc.

Before I started writing this series and to ensure I wrote more than one book, I actually determined to have the books in alphabetical order and wrote a bunch of book titles which I stored on the Notes app on my phone. Have you ever noticed that? I think I got up to the letter R but doing that has been one of the major factors in my commitment to this series.

The first book in the series was Apple Pie and Trouble. You can grab it for free today.Apple Pie and Trouble

Please let me know what other 2 books you’d like me to offer for free. I’ll send an email over the next 2 weekends inviting you to grab one of the books in the series for free. The books I offer for free will be based on the highest number of votes a book gets. Simply reply to this email and let me know what 2 books you’d like me to offer for free this month from the Sandy Bay cozy mystery series. All my books are currently free to read on Kindle Unlimited if you’re subscribed to that service.

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