Evolution of a Book Cover

One fun part of publishing a book in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series is conceptualizing and designing the book covers for each book. My normal process in a nutshell is simply advising my cover designer of the title of the book, send her ideas for the culinary dessert at the heart of the story and some clues in the story which should be reflected on the cover. For the latest book in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series – Muffins and Coffins – below images show the journey from the first cover design to what I settled on and is on the retail pages wherever this book will be sold. Do you like the finished version?

I really liked the cover above but felt the bloody muffins where a bit too much.


Really liked above but felt the background was not allowing the title to POP which is important when the book appears as a thumbnail on a retail store like Amazon.

I liked this alot!

Grab a copy of Muffins and Coffins which is now available to preorder.

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