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Holiday Christmas Cozy Boxset

Happy December!
Boy, oh boy! Where did this year go?
I’m glad to be alive and surrounded by family and friends and readers who make life worth it.
I was so inspired and touched by the replies to my last email about one thing you were thankful for.
If there was one recurring theme I saw in the Facebook comments and emails, it was that family was the number one thing everyone’s thankful for. I couldn’t agree more.
What’s the use of having a million dollars in your bank account or driving a fancy car or living in a 12-bed mansion if you don’t have a family to enjoy it with?
I hope the holidays will be filled with many pleasant memories with our loved ones.
Talking about the holidays, I packaged all the Christmas cozies I’ve published into one box set. I just approved the narration by Elena and I’m hopeful the audiobook will go live on Audible in the next few weeks.
The books in this boxset are:
– Jingle Bells and Deadly Smells
– Queen Tarts and a Christmas Nightmare
– Mistletoe and Deadly Kisses
– Red Roses and Bloody Noses
You can get it today for $2.99 and it’s free to read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.
Grab your copy below.

>>Click HERE to get the ebook!<<

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