Spring Harbor Cozy Mystery

Hair Today, Dead Tomorrow

Hair Today, Dead Tomorrow

eBook: $2.99
Series: Spring Harbor Cozy Mystery, Book 1
Genre: Cozy Mystery

After a scandalous incident shakes the quiet streets of her small Georgia town, hairstylist Summer Snow packs up her shears and dreams, and heads for the sun-kissed shores of the West Coast for a break she hopes will last long enough for things to quiet down back home.

When Summer and her vivacious Aunt Clara win a hairdressing competition in her new community, they expect nothing more than applause and accolades. Instead, they wake up to a chilling discovery: a lifeless body in the same room where they won the competition. And with one of their belongings draped around the deceased’s body, the spotlight turns uncomfortably bright on Summer and Aunt Clara.

With gossip swirling like freshly mixed hair dye, she must snip through a tangle of suspects, from jealous competitors to secretive neighbors. Armed with her trusty scissors, Aunt Clara’s feisty determination, and a knack for uncovering clues in her new neighborhood, Summer delves into a world of glamor, gossip, and deadly secrets.

Can they unravel the twisted threads of this hair-raising mystery before the killer strikes again? Or will Summer Snow’s fresh start on the West Coast end up being her final curtain call?

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