Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery Series: Box Set 3

Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery Series: Box Set 3

Discover how Meghan Truman, Sandy Bay's latest resident and new bakery owner, navigates her way through three murder mysteries as she gets to know the quirky characters in her adopted hometown after failing to make a career as an actress in Hollywood. She's finally started a relationship with Jack Irvin, a detective, but will she find time to build a romance while she has to deal with betrayals, ungrateful staff, culture clashes and murder? 3 complete BESTSELLING cozy mystery stories in 1 boxset!

Gingerbread and Scary Endings
Business is good but the stress of fulfilling a new corporate order is almost driving Meghan Truman insane. She is therefore excited when handsome detective, Jack Irvin, proposes to take her to the movies. She never expected that a fun, carefree night at the Sandy Bay cinema would end with the tragic death of the movie theater manager.

Who would stand to gain from his demise?

As Meghan delves deeper into this murder investigation, she discovers that stress has a way of bringing out the worst in people. With the clock ticking to find the murderer, will she be prepared when a serendipitous act of kindness puts her squarely in the path of a killer on the loose?

Hot Chocolate and Cold Bodies
The end of year Sandy Bay festival is an opportunity for the town to display its history, promote local businesses and attract visitors to the best kept secret in the Pacific Northwest. There's just one problem. It's always associated with an increase in crime. This year, a stranger with an unknown identity is found dead during the fireworks display.

Some of the town's residents have had enough of the annual hassle. Others would rather die than see an end to this popular festival. Meghan Truman, a new resident in Sandy Bay with a successful bakery, is torn between either supporting an event that shines a light on all the good things about her adopted hometown or showing allegiance to a dear friend who is leading the cause to ban the festival.

With the town on the brink of a riot, no forthcoming clues to help Detective Jack Irvin in his murder investigation, Meghan must retain the hot passion that has seen her business and relationships prosper thus far while she confronts cold bodies all around.

The clock is ticking...

A murder investigation is growing cold...

Will Meghan provide the spark that unlocks this murder mystery?

Ice Cream and Guilty Pleasures
Meghan Truman is honored to be invited to serve her signature tarts at the Governor’s ball. A night of glitz and glamour, in the company of handsome Detective Jack Irvin, is ruined for her when she experiences firsthand, the ungracious attitude of a prominent figure that she once looked up to.

Things take a turn for the worse when this insolent guest is found dead after eating a dish of ice cream. Meghan is sure she had nothing to do with it as her desserts were rejected by the deceased.

Will Megan and Jack be able to navigate this unfamiliar world of wealth and privilege to discover the truth in time to save her business?

Not all sweet things are pleasurable.

The guilty can sometimes be sweet.

Discover how Meghan helps to solve the latest murder mystery in Sandy Bay.

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About the Book
Series: Sandy Bay Boxset, Book 3
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Pen-n-a-Pad Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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About the Author
Amber Crewes

Amber Crewes loves writing and reading cozy mysteries! If there was one super power she desires, its to become a super speed reader as there are way too many Mystery and Thriller books on her kindle waiting for her to read. Don't tell anyone but she's been known to drink coffee at night to help her finish a book she's really into.

She loves happy endings and a clean read and that's what you'll get in all the books in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series!

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