Velvet Cake and Murder

Velvet Cake and Murder

A murdered politician. A small town torn between the past and the future. A newlywed baker who can't help poking her nose in a murder mystery that seems off.

It's the start of a new year and Meghan is hoping for change in her personal and emotional life.

She never bargained that change would come in the form of an unexpected visitor to her marital home and the mysterious murder of a popular figure in the small town of Sandy Bay.

Things are further complicated when she discovers that the deceased, a big fan of her desserts, was related to many people in town. In good, bad and ugly ways!

Meghan is left worried and confused as heated opinions of the events leading to the murder seem to distract everyone from the actual homicide itself.

Was the murder coincidental or a coordinated, sinister undertaking?

Will Meghan learn to live with her unexpected guest or allow her fledgling relationship to hit the rocks?

Will she help or hinder a murder investigation that has her bakery's desserts as the common denominator linking all the key suspects?

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About the Book
Series: Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery, Book 22
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Pen-n-a-Pad Publishing
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9798716324565
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 3.99
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About the Author
Amber Crewes

Amber Crewes loves writing and reading cozy mysteries! If there was one super power she desires, its to become a super speed reader as there are way too many Mystery and Thriller books on her kindle waiting for her to read. Don't tell anyone but she's been known to drink coffee at night to help her finish a book she's really into.

She loves happy endings and a clean read and that's what you'll get in all the books in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series!

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